Hair Styling

Hair Styling Santa Rosa, CA

Hair styling is the art of preparing the hair in the style it is to be worn. It sounds pretty basic we know, but when we say “art,” that’s exactly how we feel about what we do. After a styling session, we’ll have you strutting your stuff with all the confidence that comes with knowing you look great.

Is there a special event approaching for which you’d like to look your best? Then consider giving yourself a break with one less thing to worry about and let us take care of your hair. You just worry about having fun and knowing you have a great hairstyle.

Hair Styling Pricing

Service Price
Shampoo and Blow Dry $35.00+
Iron Work for Short Hair $35.00+
Iron Work for Mid-length Hair $40.00+
Iron Work for Long Hair $45.00+
Up Styles $65.00+


Smoothing Treatment Pricing

Service Price
Express Treatment $150.00+
Brazilian Blowout $250.00+


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