Tanning Lotions, The 4 Main Kinds

Woman suntanning by the poolEveryone knows there is more than just kind kind of tanning bed, but not everyone knows that there is more than 1 kind of tanning lotion. The majority of tanning lotions are available without DHA or any parabens. Some tanning lotions are also hypoallergenic. To find out what tanning lotion is best for you all you need to do is keep reading!


Accelerators, also know as intensifiers naturally promote a dark bronze color. Accelerator tanning lotions generally contain hydration and skin conditioning properties.

Recommended for: Beginner – Advanced


Bronzers further promote a dark, yet advanced color generally through the use of i Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), walnut extract and caramel. Brozer tanning lotions provide a deep long-lasting tan.

Recommended for: Advanced


Tingles, also known as Sizles give you what is called the “tingle factor.” This helps Tingles tanning lotions increase micro-circulation and oxygenation of the skin resulting giving you a deeper and darker tan. Tingles achieves the “tingle factor” from benzyl nicotinate, said to help oxygenate the skin.

Recommended for: Advanced


Coolants give your skin a “cooling factor,” also known as cooling essence to further enhance your tanning session. Coolants achieve the “cooling factor” from ingredients like menthyl lactate along with additional cooling agents.

Recommended for: Advanced