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Body Treatment/Cupping
Santa Rosa, CA

Body Cupping

Body Treatment/Cupping is useful in many ways. It can be used to reduce muscle pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and for massages. It can also be used for facials, cupping helps remove blackheads, minimize acne, eyebags and double chins. Cupping is also used for a post treatment after cavitation. It is helpful with lymphatic drainage. The process differs for every procedure, but suction cups are used and they are either placed on the desired place of the body or moved around the body or face. (recommended in sessions)(treatment time is 1 hour- 2 hours)

Body Treatment/Cupping Pricing

Service Price
Arms 1 session $75.00
Abdomen 1 session $80.00
Legs 1 session $80.00
Cellulite 1 session $70.00
Sauna 1 session $50.00

BBL Packages

Service Price
BBL 1 session $75.00
BBL 4 sessions $250.00
BBL 6 sessions $375.00
BBL 8 sessions $525.00
BBL 12 sessions $750.00
BBL with cellulite cupping $105.00

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